Bandung Budget Hotel

Bandung is one of the places in Indonesia which is also known as a hot tourist spot. Out here you can only think of choosing the luxuries so that you can enjoy the holidays out here with a bang. Let me tell you that if you have enough money then you will definitely find this place to be quite good for passing your time.

But the question really arises that what will you do if you do not have enough money with you. Let me tell you that you will definitely find many budget hotels out here in this city. In this article I will be listing some of the budget hotels which will definitely help you to save lots of money by choosing them. All you have to do is to find a budget hotel for you and after that you can enjoy your stay out here.

Here are some of the budget hotels in Bandung:

1. Hotel Savoy Homan:

This is yet another hotel in Bandung. Let me tell you that you will definitely find this hotel to be one of the best in Bandung. The cost is quite low and even at this low cost you will enjoy lots of luxuries. Let me tell you that though this hotel does not have stars to show but then also it will turn out to be definitely one of the best hotels for you.

2. Hotel bukit dago:

This is yet again another hotel which will definitely be up to your likings. Let me tell you one more thing and that is though the price of this hotel is low but you will definitely not find any luxury which is absent in this hotel. This is simply due to the great management staffs. They have done simply a great job.