Collage Picture Frames - Being Artistic With Pictures You Have

Pictures are truly vehicles to reminiscence. We always want to remember and look back on those moments we feel are very special to us, and the best way to capture these moments is through pictures. When a special moment or occasion arises, the first thing that people want to do is take pictures of it. We may have so many pictures taken over the past years that they may only be tucked away inside photo albums. If you wish to have one or two pictures stand out among the rest and be displayed on your tables or mantles, then the best way to do it is to place them in picture frames. However, if you feel that you want many pictures to come to life on display, the collage picture frame is the answer.

Collage picture frames allow you to incorporate a series or a number of pictures into one frame. Of course, this usually requires a bigger frame than the standard picture frame which caters to individual photos. How is it different from atypical picture frame? Aside from perhaps the size, a collage picture frame is designed to hold an assembly of pictures in one frame alone. Collage picture frames invoke a sense of unity and togetherness with the pictures placed in it, even though it is merely one frame holding a number of pictures. In this kind of picture frame, a number of pictures with a similar theme are mounted together to create a story or a flow of visuals for those who care to see it.

How to choose the collage picture frame to best suit your needs

Collage picture frames come in a variety of styles and sizes that give you a choice on the type of picture composition you want placed in it. Thus, it is important to first gather or take note of the number of pictures you wish for your collage. This will help you determine the size of the collage picture frame that you should buy. You should also take note of the theme of the pictures that you want to place. Are they wedding pictures? Baby pictures? Family outing pictures? Upon knowing what pictures you want to make a collage of, you should then select a collage picture frame that would best enhance the theme. Since a collage picture frame is typically larger than your ordinary picture frame, and that it will probably be nailed to a wall to be made to hang, you should choose a collage picture frame that will also complement the existing decor in the room that you want it placed. This is because its size would probably draw more attention than with other picture frames, and you would not want it looking odd in a room.

Examples of sets of pictures you can place in collage picture frames.

There are many kinds of picture sets that you can collage. You need only remember that the set of pictures you choose for your collage should portray unity when together, which means that they should all have a similar or related theme to one another. Here are examples of popular sets of pictures used for collage:

Baby photographs

A baby is a precious addition to the home; it is a symbol of a new gift of life, so it is perfectly understandable why parents would always o the trouble of having baby pictures. Because of this, you may have a lot of baby pictures in your home. You can make this into a collage and place it in a collage picture frame. Pictures you can use may include the first tie you held the baby in the hospital, the babys first smile, his first steps and such. These all contribute to the theme of a babys stages of growth.