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Amsterdam is the capital and main city of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The town is cut by about 40 canals that are flanked by streets and crossed by 400 bridges. The canals give the town its nickname; "Venice of the North". Amsterdam has several new inhabitants from former Dutch colonies, including Indonesia and Suriname.

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Soccer is the main sport in Holland. During the championships like the World Cup or the Euro Cup, the entire country is pending of the Holland team. Today, the Euro Cup is in process, but Holland was eliminated by Russia last week. The game was an immense disappointment to Dutch people. The final game will be this Sunday 29 and Germany is one of the finalists. Hotel Boeken can offer to you the best sign to watch the game.

Amsterdam has famous museums in the downtown. Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and National Museum have hundreds of visitors each day. You can find many museums more in this part of the city. There are two houses that are considered like historic monuments. They are the house of Anne Frank and Rembrandt's house.

If you enjoy classical music, you ought to go to Concertgebouw and if the price is too much for you. Every Wednesday afternoon concerts are free, but don't be late or you won't get a sit.

Remember something; the train service is the main way to move around the city. In Amsterdam, cars usually are used to travel long distances. The Amstel River is another good option to visit. This river gave the name to the city.

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With two or three more days you can discover all Amsterdam's attractions.