Digital Photo Organization Basics

Digital cameras allow us to take a picture and view it within seconds. They also allow us to take as many pictures as we want, without the expense of developing film. This is why many of us now prefer digital photography over traditional, print photos. But who has time to sort through, organize, and edit the thousands of digital photos that are on your computer? Your local photo organizer does!

Digital organization services will take all of your digital photos and sort, rename, and organize them. You'll no longer have to search through photos to find the one you're looking for. Organizers will create a digital photo organization system for you, with your guidance, so that you get exactly what you want.

Online Photo Albums

Local photo organizers transform a mass of unorganized photos with default filenames like "IMG_845761652828" and turn them into neatly organized files and folders that are easily identifiable. They will even take it a step further, and create customized online photo albums that you can share with family and friends in any part of the world!


If you'd like to learn how to create your own online photo album, ask a photo organizer to show you. They are here to help answer any questions you have!

Digital Basics

Photo organization services also include helping you learn the basics of digital photography. Your local organizer can help you answer common questions, like, "How do I..."

transfer digital photos from my camera to my computer?

print or email digital photos?

burn a photo CD?

digitally enhance photos?

Digital Photo Frames

Digital photo frames are small LCD screens that hold dozens of digital pictures. Like a computer screensaver, they let you view fond memories in a slideshow. They're great to have around your home or to give as gifts. If you have a digital photo frame, or are interested in buying one, photo organizers can help you set up and organize your frame.


Scanning Services