Double Picture Frame - Telling a Story As You Wish it To

When you hear the words double picture frame mentioned, what images or ideas come to your mind? I imagine a locket when I hear those words. And when I think of a locket, I usually think of it in terms of a romance or a story because almost all movies I have seen that involves lockets always have to do with a love story or a drama, having something to do with a picture of two people placed in those tiny frames.

Whenever I see a double picture frame, I am always reminded of a locket. Perhaps this is because its concept, that being of two frames joined to hold two pictures, is similar to a locket. The only difference is that a double picture frame is bigger in size and instead of dangling those pictures around your neck, they can be placed on tables and mantles, as what typical pictures frames serve.

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of styles and designs concerning picture frames. If traditionally picture frames could only hold a single picture, nowadays there are picture frames that can carry multiple pictures with their design. In stores today, you will see two or more picture frames joined together but deemed as a single picture frame. The double picture frame is part of this evolution of picture frames from the traditional one.

Picture frames: how did it start?

People take pictures because they want to preserve memories; they want to have a memento of a particular moment they deem special so they could reminisce on this moment any time they wish to. Picture frames are used to protect and support these mementos, and today picture frames are part of almost every household. Because it is so common nowadays, most people neglect its history, and thus know nothing of it. So how did picture frames start? Picture frames were present in as early as the roman times, but it became more prevalent during the renaissance period because they were seen as a way to individualize peoples artworks and portraits. Today, picture frames serve more the purpose of individualizing a moment in time captured in photo rather than an artwork.

Double picture frame as an evolution of picture frames: how do I make the most out of it?

Let us show and tell

The best way to use a double picture frame is to make it tell a story. Its edge over the typical singular picture frame lies in its capability to hold two pictures instead of one, giving you the advantage of telling more of a story through the pictures. Thus, in choosing what pictures to place in it, make sure that these two pictures flow together, in a way that it is able to tell a fairly coherent story out of the visuals.