Explore The Culture And Festivals Of Koh Samui

Do you want to spend a magical time at Koh Samui hotels? Koh Samui is an island on the Southern end of Thailand. Due to extensive tourism and the dependence of the people on the sea for all their needs like food and livelihood, the sea has become an integral part of their life and culture. The traditional food in the island is much influenced by Indian, Malay and Indonesian cuisines. Hence most tourists might find the local cuisine pretty spicy, especially if one is unused to spicy food. Most people derive their livelihood either from the sea or tourism. Celebrating the freedom of life, Koh Samui inspires visitors with major festivals

The Fisherman's Village Festival celebrates the local food and music. Spread over five days, there is plenty of food, fun, and music to be enjoyed. The music is generally performed by well-known local singers and bands. The Samui Regatta festival as the name suggests, is a sailboat race which is held annually. The tournament is internationally famous and participants hail from places like Australia, Japan, China and Singapore and have fascinated visitors staying in a wonderful Koh Samui hotel. The Buffalo Fighting Festival is a famous bull fighting festival and is generally held on special occasions like the New Year or Songkran, the harvest festival. The buffaloes are beautifully dressed up for the festival and the winning owner rakes in millions of baht.

Enjoy the Magic of Festivals

The Ten Stars Samui Art Party is an annual event which is held to promote local arts, artists and handicrafts and has been morphed into a prestigious event with internationally famous names participating. The festival is a bi-monthly event, held in resorts and up-market hotels in the Koh Samui area and has helped to showcase the works of Thai artists to the world. The Bowling Championship held in May every year and the Avis Samui Tennis Open held in July annually are popular summer festivals among the locals.

For a memorable trouble-free vacation, it is better to familiarize oneself with the host country's food and culture so that one might avoid a faux pas. Though Koh Samui is an island, hardly 25 kilometers in length and 15 kilometers wide, it has acquired its own distinctive culture, due to its history of being a trading post in an earlier era and because of the inaccessible interior regions. Besides the festivals, Koh Samui offers nightclubs, discos and bars with a pulsing atmosphere and live cabaret acts to satisfy the discerning traveler. There are widely popular moonlit beach parties held on full moon nights in almost all the major resorts and hotels. The tourists flock from far and wide to experience the exotic nightlife on such occasions, though not restricted to only such nights. The island offers a stunning array of live cabaret action that draws tourists in millions. Most of the hotels and resorts have at least a nightclub to cater to the ever increasing demand for a vibrant nightlife. The streets on the beach front have hundreds of pubs, bars, discos and dancing options to keep the tourists happy. Tourists can enjoy a stay at a lovely Koh Samui hotel and explore the island's culture and festivals that adds to a wonderful vacation.

Koh Samui offers a Vibrant Vacation

By: John Nathaniel