Indonesia Teak Furniture Craftsmanship

Indonesia is well known of its thousand tribes that spread along the islands. Back to history until now, each tribe has their own creation of costumes, traditional weapons, foods, language, and also handicrafts. There are many tribes in Indonesia that inherit the technique of craftsmanship especially in wood carving. Until now, people create great and high quality products that made from wood especially furniture such as bench, tables, and chairs. One of the great creations is Indonesian teak chair.

Indonesia is rich in forestry resources especially woods, even though the use of wood has been decreasing due to over exploitation and illegal logging. Those issues force Indonesian people to find the other high quality wood to create furniture or other wood craft. Thus the great creativity and innovation in wooden products still exist.

Jepara is a town in Central Java, Indonesia, that produces many kinds of teak furniture such as teak chair. Selecting teak as the material for producing furniture has very strong reason. Teak is naturally strong, towards weather, and also termites and pests.

There are so many teak chairs that available in different designs and models. You can choose the teak chairs with carving or the simple one. One thing that people have known since long time ago is Indonesia is famous with their high quality and durable wooden products. The using of teak wood is aimed to create a wooden product that resistant to water or moist. It allows you to put those chairs for your garden or other outdoor space without worry of damage by the weather. It is because teak wood is naturally producing teak oil that protects wood from damage that caused by heat and water. Hence it is very appropriate selecting teak as the main material for making furniture.

One thing you have to remember that you have to be smart in selecting teak chair or other outdoor teak furniture. It is because many companies cheat their costumers by painting the lowest quality teak wood with chemical substance. Hence the low quality wood has a high quality teak wood look alike. The chemical substance that they use to paint the wood has bad effects towards environment in long term. Thus it is important to gain more knowledge about selecting teak furniture to avoid the cheat. The government of Indonesia has seen it as potential point of economic growth. Thus they create some teak plantations to support the business and economic growth, and also to replant the trees.

By: Bagoes Teak