Indonesia Wood Furniture

Wood substrate is the most widely used in making furniture and handicraft for the nature of nature-s most flexible dibandingakan materials with other materials. wood substrate has the benefits as follows:

* easily obtained in natural mauapun market

* available various types and length and width

* easy in prosesm cut, formed, carved, given texture

* the price is relatively cheap

Cells composed of wood cells that have various kinds of types, in general, there is a direct relationship between violence and heavy timber wood, hard wood timber wood timber also including a light weight of the wood is also a soft wood.

Type of wood in the grade as follows.

* wood very hard, for example turvy wood, wood giam

* hardwood timber such kulim wood pilang

* hardwood eg mahogany wood Meranti

* softwood pine wood balsa wood

Wood furniture is the perfect material for that natural wood grain furniture . Wood furniture is warm and comforting in design and appeal. Add that natural wood furniture look to your bedroom with our dressers, nightstands, beds and other wood furniture pieces.

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