Introduction To The Shaman Class In Wow

Unfortunately you only have the choice of one race character to pick from if you decide to become an Alliance faction member: Draenei. You have four alternatives, however as a Horde member: Troll, Undead, Orc or Tauren.

If you are looking for a support role where your natural abilities will be put to good use as part of a party then the Shaman is a perfect role to choose. They are extremely beneficial to groups because of their support healing, backup tanking and damage healing prowess. To become an even more appreciated member of your team you should aim to gain further experience in potion making and healing spells.

As any good Shaman knows it is critically essential to learn how to regulate your Mana levels properly; excessive use will reduce your spell casting abilities, reduce your health points and increase the need to regenerate.

By learning how to prepare magic potions you will over time make quite a lot of gold, from the sale of these recipes in the Auction House. You can also use the potions on yourself to increase your health points or to cure injury.

The best choices of profession for a Shaman are the ones that match with the classes natural talents. Herbalism and Enchanting are probably the best ones to opt for along with the combination of Alchemy and Enchanting. As an alternative herbalism combined with Alchemy is a good idea.

The professions to stay clear of are leatherworking and blacksmithing as they have little monetary use to you. The mining and skinning professions however will provide some of the required raw materials.

As you complete levels and finish quests you will be awarded various Totems, that give specific powers and skills. These can be used to the advantage of the whole team: The Earth Totem, allows you to protect your group from injury. The Fire Totem protects the group during combat situations. The Air Totem improves the overall defensive capabilities of the entire party.

As you level up through the game take the chance to gain more training whenever possible, from a trainer. The quest offered may give you a welcome Totem.

Some of the Totems are easily destroyed by other players so guard them carefully. Do not drop them because if you do you lose them forever. This will lose you favor with other members of your group. All totems are immune to area effect spells.