Journey To Batam In Indonesia

Singaporeans delight in visiting Batam. Its become one of the popular tourist destination as Bintan. It is the finest option for holiday destination and has travel packages begins from $ 90!

Ferry from Singapore to Batam

The journey timing will be 45 minutes, if you are traveling through ferry boat to Batam from Singapore. It is equivalent to Bintan but it is cheaper and less developed than Bintan.

Ferry is the only available way to get into Batam from Singapore.You need to pay $23 for one trip and it requires $34 for round trip per person. This fees excludes the terminal and the departure costs.

Packages for traveling

There are travel offers available for the duration of the vacation seasons. It assists the travelers to save their money. Basic singapore to Batam offers start from $90 and upto $300 for luxury resorts. It covers the accommodation and ferry tickets charges.

A lot of resorts are situated at Nongsapura, Batam City. This is the tourist resorts catered to Singaporeans.

There will be a surge in charges during the peak seasons by $50-$100 more. It will be in the course of the December, January, June and september. These are the holiday seasons that receives more visitors.

Ferry companies in Singapore

From Harbour front Ferry Terminal to Batam Center. Most have hourly ferries.


Batam Fast


From Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Nongsapura. Every one or two hours.

Pick up facility will be organized by most hotels from the ferry terminal to the hotel. If you do not demand, you can take a taxi.

Travelers will need to do their return ticket booking after they arrived at ferry terminal as the ferries will get filled quickly.

Most ferries have an open deck which enables smoking. There are indoor air-conditioned cabins which most people go for.

Best season to travel:

It has humid and tropical climate. The local weather is similar to Singapore. The temperature ranges from 22°C between November and December to 34°C in June to July.

Dry seasons support outdoor activities and water sports activities. It happens between May and September. It is the finest time to travel to Batam. October till April is a rainy season and not appropriate for traveling.