Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant Indonesian Cuisine Leaves You Coming Back For More

If you are looking for a place to relish lip-smacking and authentic Indonesian cuisine, then head down to Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant. Snugly located on the third floor of Furama Riverfront Hotel, this restaurant has been around for slightly over 20 years now and was the first Halal-certified restaurant within a hotel. Named after a mountain district located in the resort island of Bali , Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant is guaranteed to leave you wanting for more.

For years, Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant has had a design concept that did not really fit in with the feel of the restaurant. From a once slightly mismatched restaurant, Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant that has recently undergone an "extreme makeover" now exudes nothing but a warm and welcoming ambience. With a predominantly brown interior and exterior, Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant bore a similar fa├žade to the kind of up-market restaurants that you might find in Indonesia .

Be greeted at the cave-like entrance by smiling waitresses clad in yellow kebaya styled tops and batik print skirts which are actually designed by a fellow crew member. If you are holding a small private meeting or gathering, then do try and book the private dining area, to ensure that privacy is given.

Here, diners have the option of choosing either the ala carte menu or the buffet. Recommended is the Indonesian Gourmet Set Meal, which costs $25.00+++ per person. The meal starts off with an appetizer of Sate Lilit, which looks too beautifully done up to be eaten. Sate Lilit is made up of fish and prawns and is carefully formed into a patty which is wrapped around a lemongrass stalk. The lemongrass stalk gives the dish a tangy aroma. The taste certainly did not disappoint with its slightly pepperish and spicy taste which goes easy on the taste buds.

Stealing the limelight from the other dishes was the Beef Rendang and Nasi Timbel. The latter is Balinese styled pyramid rice, which is wrapped in banana leaf. Unwrap the banana leaf and indulge in the two layer of white and yellow rice. Demolish the pyramid formation and couple the rice with the tender slices of beef. The gravy of the Beef Rendang, which is made out of coconut, has a spicier taste to it which stays in the mouth, leaving diners craving for more.

The Es Teler would be a perfect end to the Indonesian Gourmet Set Meal. This dessert, which is made out of jackfruit, avocado and young coconut, is a sweet end to a spicy meal.

Kintamani Indonesian Restaurant certainly lives up to its name by serving appetite whetting dishes. It is definitely a change to see the chef taking pride in the presentations of the dishes that he has lovingly created to ensure that diners enjoy the meals. However, I found the portions of the set meals a little too small, especially for those with a big appetite. If you are really hungry, I would recommend that you opt for the buffet instead and eat your fill. Either way, you would still get to enjoy good food!