Photo Gift Range - Digital Photo Frames

Digital photo frames have become a popular way to show off your digital photo collection. Depending on the size and style of frame you could enjoy several hours of photo playback from a small, key ring sized photo frame with rechargeable battery, or the continuous playback of hundreds of pictures thanks to the expandable memory of the 7" HD digital photo frame. You can even have your chosen pictures pre-installed on the frame before it is sent through the post to your door.

Key Ring Sized Digital Frames

The key ring sized digital photo frame is a great new way of enjoying your photographs even while you're on the move. The key ring is charged via the USB on your computer and a single charge will last for 2.5 hours of continuous playback. The internal memory enables you to store up to 56 images of your choice and these can all be added to the key ring before it makes its way to you or to the lucky recipient that you want it sent to.

Standard Digital Photo Frames

The 7" digital photo frame, which can be rotated to display pictures either in landscape or portrait, is equally convenient but offers greater image quality and better image sizes. Plug it into the mains and you will be able to enjoy hundreds of photographs stored on the external memory card. What's more, the digital photo frame even offers a clock, calendar, and alarm function as well as the capability to play back movie files and audio files.

Store And Display Your Photos

The digital photo frame includes a 2GB memory card that can be used to save and store your digital photos and other files. All images can be pre-installed so that they are ready to view as soon as your digital photo frame arrives at the door. The 2GB memory card allows for the storage of literally thousands of photos so you should never run out of room, and you can always fill a second memory card while you watch the photos stored on the first.

Options And Features Of Digital Photo Frames