Please Tell Me - How Does a Digital Picture Frame Work

The latest breakthrough for picture lovers is the digital picture frame. Now people who don't have a digital camera, a computer, computer skills, or even the Internet can share in the joys of instant picture sharing and displaying them as a slideshow in their home. Certain frame manufacturers provide a Web site where paying customers may download their pictures to a private account. These accounts can be shared with trusted family and friends, who are then permitted to download those photos right to their frames. Consumers who are knowledgeable about and have digital cameras and computers can purchase these frames and services for themselves or others who would like to view the pictures.

What is a digital frame?

A digital picture frame is a small, simple computer that is similar to a desktop but only does one thing; display your chosen pictures as a slideshow in a little box about the same size as a normal picture frame. The pictures are shown on a liquid crystal display (LCD), much like the screen of a laptop or new television, for crystal clear viewing. Within this simple computer are a few things that keep the slideshow running, like memory (prevents loss of pictures when frame is turned off), a modem (to connect to the Internet), and control buttons to power the frame off and on, as well as to brighten the photos and adjust your slideshow.

Getting pictures to your frame

There are different ways to upload your pictures to the frame depending on what kind of digital picture frame you own. One way is by hooking your frame to your computer or digital camera and the pictures are uploaded using software that came with the frame when you purchased it. You may also have the ability to simply insert your memory card from your digital camera right into your digital picture frame and upload pictures. Your frame can also be directly connected to the Internet using a wire or wireless system to gather your pictures. A digital picture frame with the ability for Internet connection can receive pictures from family or friends over the Internet through the membership of a company almost effortlessly by simply plugging it into a phone line.

How is a digital picture frame powered?

The power supply of your digital picture frame also varies depending on your model. Some have the ability to use batteries, others require a plug, and some can use either method. If the plan is to run the digital picture frame all the time, a plug may be a wiser choice, while battery life will last longer if the frame is only used occasionally.