Resto Shaman Pve Guide Information

Since the release of Wrath of the Lich King Resto Shaman have had to make a lot of adjustments in their playing style. With all of the new features, it can be difficult to determine what spells to use at certain times in battle. Reaching the top of the healing charts can be a challenge in a raid group, but the key elements for a Resto Shaman to focus on are; avoid over healing, maintaining enough mana, and making sure healing assignments are active.

Resto Shaman must use totems should be used wisely, and each member of the group should be taken into consideration before planting one. One mistake many Resto Shaman make is dropping a mana spring totem when a paladin has buffed the group with a Blessing of Wisdom, the effects do not stack and the mana spring will override the Blessing.

Choosing the best talent spec can be very time consuming. Many players have trouble figuring out the best talent spec for their needs. This is where a Resto Shaman PvE Guide come into play.

How can a Resto Shaman PvE Guide Help?

Any good Resto Shaman PvE Guide will explain exactly how to spec, what gems, glyphs, enchants, and professions should be obtained. Every aspect of the Shaman will be covered. There are so many factors that determine a great Resto Shaman. One of the most important parts of a Resto Shaman is gear. Obtaining the best gear can be a very difficult task. Since the most important stats for a Resto Shaman are Intellect, MP5, Crit Rating, Spell Power, and Haste Rating the PvE Guide must focus on this type of gear. With the assistance of a good Shaman PvE Guide, becoming a great raider is almost inevitable.

By: Dan Talley