Ritmic Traumatic-indie Rock Music Band From Indonesia

Ritmic Traumatic is a new indie rock music band that was formed at 2007 and decide to released its mini album on this 2009 with Depth of Field as its album title.

As a new independent/indie band in Indonesia Ritmic Traumatic realize that chances to break the whole setting of Indonesia's music industry would be long-tunneled-efforts. Ritmic Traumatic realize the condition of Indonesia's music industry is barely in the edge of its apocalypse,they said. Try to compile several facts that are happening in the industry which are instantaneous new comers with low musical knowledge or skill, low performance practices, an ongoing-narrowed genre that is offered to the so-called "market" which is significantly change the variety of genre into a mono genre in Indonesia music market.

For this reason, Ritmic Traumatic tries to bring out the perspective of Indonesian music to the surface of the industry. Rooted in rock genre and still has its freedom to embrace other genres' ambiences. Ritmic Traumatic believe in freedom of expression. Ritmic Traumatic believe in freedom of speech. Ritmic Traumatic believe in limitless musical imagination. Therefore the band support all Indonesian bands that creatively and consistently contribute their pieces because they believe that the values above still exist in Indonesia's music industry “ to name several of them, The S.I.G.I.T., Nidji, Maliq & déssentials, KOIL, Padi, The Upstairs, and many others.

All in all, for the world¦ try to hear their music¦ listen their messages¦ download their MP3 that they share for in their website for free¦ even contact them if you want to test their musics

Raymond Johan

By: Raymond Johan