Save Indonesia Adsense Publisher

We know that "No smoke without fire", yes! This rumors grows because google has detected lots of Indonesian adsense publishers doing click fraud to their own adsense ads. Google and advertiser certainly dislike this click fraud, and Google as a ad provider has responsibility to clean click fraud from their system.

Recently, Google has detected that lot of Indonesian adsense publisher has been doing clickfraud. Google and the advertiser certainly don't like this click fraud, and Google as advertising provider has to take action. Rumors told that Google will include Indonesia into their blacklist. This means all Indonesian publisher will not approved to join google affiliate program. If this really happen, i believe it will be a very disappointment decision for Indonesian publisher. Because not all of Indonesian publisher doing this click fraud. Many of them are good adsense publisher.

Let's we yell "Be a good adsense publisher!". But how to do it??

These are few guides to be good adsense publisher:

1. Never click your own adsense ads.

2. Don't ever tell your friends to click your ads.

3. Don't do exchange click with another person.

4. Follow Google terms of service. Never break the rules.

I believe some of adsense publisher has not read all the terms of service from google adsense. This cause some of publisher don't realize if they've done anything wrong. First thing to do is read and understand all of term of service from Google adsense. Second, let's review our own website that contains adsense, are they break adsense terms of service? If our website break one or some rules from Google adsense, immediately fix it.

So, let us be good adsense publisher. Because it has no meaning at all, if you earn lots of money but from bad ways.

By: Henri Gunawan