Single Travel Asia Gaining Popularity

Solo travel is about fun, emancipation and self-indulgence. Thousands of solo travellers embark upon journeys every year. For them it is about getting close with their new surroundings unfiltered by the preferences, tastes and prejudices of a travelling companion. Solo holidays to Asia are gradually gaining popularity and prominence as several tour operators are vigorously promoting solo travel packages to Asian destinations.

Asia as a Popular Solo Travel Destination

The incredible diversity of Asia is perhaps the biggest reason why it charms solo travellers so much. Cheap tickets to different Asian countries are always high in demand as the region boasts of each and every kind of geological feature in its abode.

Bangkok, Thailand

Be it solo travellers or a group of 20, Bangkok is one city that attracts all. The myriad of options that the place offers in terms of fun and entertainment are so attractive that Bangkok features in every list that has anything to do with tourism in Asia. For single tourists, the city is perhaps the perfect place to make new friends!

Rishikesh, India

India is another big name in the world of tourism. Cheap flights to India are sought after by almost every kind of traveller. However, for solo travellers flights to India are particularly special and Rishikesh is the city to land up in for them. The city is all about vivacious religious fervour that permeates each and every facet of the region. Numerous ashrams, which have been highly popular among solo travellers, line up along the shores of the Ganges.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is also big among single travellers as the place offers a number of options to have fun. The city is inundated with incredible beaches that are venues for pulsating parties that charm tourists. Along with the beaches, temples, jungles and yoga are the prime attractions that make cheap tickets on flights to Indonesia popular.

With basic safety precautions and by following simple measures, Solo travel can be extreme fun and enlightening for tourists.