The Basics Of A Shaman Leveling Guide

Achieving great success in World of Warcraft does not always come easy. There are a lot of choices the player must make in order to reach their goals. The first step a new player must take towards success is learning how to navigate the interface. As a Shaman, it is important to remember what spells are linked to your key bindings. Many new players do not realize how to link buttons to specific spells. A good Shaman Leveling Guide will tell you exactly how to succeed while leveling.

Shaman Leveling Guide Basics

When leveling from 1-10 this is not a big deal, but when you start getting up into the higher levels it can make a big difference. My favorite way to link my key bindings is to my mouse buttons. Instead of having to constantly click on the action bar or use my keyboard, I feel the mouse buttons can be clicked faster. Most mice have a forward, back, and mouse wheel button. In order to link these different buttons to the key bindings, you would simply enter the menu and go to key bindings. For example, if you wanted to link the first spell in your action bar to your middle mouse button, you would simply scroll down on the key bindings list to Action Button 1.

At this point you would have the option of linking the button to either the first or second key binding setting. Whichever one you choose just click the box and when it says press a key to bind, simply push in the middle mouse button.

Shaman Leveling Guide Tips

As a level one Shaman you may want to link Lightning Bolt as your first spell, this will make thing easier. Once you start learning newer and better spells you can change the key bindings to your needs. Getting used to this can increase your skill level for the future and improve your reflexes overall.

Becoming a great Shaman takes a lot of practice and hard work, but with a good Shaman Leveling Guide it can make things a lot easier. Every action you take in WoW not only affects your character, but also your reputation in the community.