The Different Shaman Talents According To Builds

The Shamans are called a hybrid class for one good reason they possess the perfect synergy of healing talents, damage (both melee and ranged), and buffs. They also can use the Reincarnation ability which practically leaves the dreadful corpse run to other classes. But despite the various Shaman talents, there's always one thing that is elusive to them being the best in them. Being the jack-of-all-trades that they are, the Shamans can never be as good as other classes in their primary talents although shamans do generally well in almost everything.

But surely, there are talents that Shamans do exceedingly well at, so which are they?

{Elemental Shamans}

The DPS caster spec of the Shaman class, the elemental shamans harness the elements to send their opponents to their graves. This build is for Shamans who prefer casting spells from a distance.

At tier one, you can choose any of the talents or both of them. Convection helps with mana cost reduction for lightning bolt, shock spells, and chain lightning. This is the recommended talent for PvE players. The talent sitting next to it is Concusion which is best for Shamans that want to go deep into the Elemental talent tree. This is the way to go if you're making a PvP character.

At tier two, you can skip the Earth's Grasp and Call of Flame in favor of the Elemental Warding. You must realize though that this talent could be quite useless at higher levels. Nevertheless, it is always a good talent to have for boosting your ability to ward off damage from frost, fire, and nature sources.

In the succeeding tiers, you must distribute points to both the Call of Thunder and Elemental focus. At tier four, you are best invested on the Eye of the Storm, if you didn't use the Healing Focus. {Otherwise, skip it}. You can go whichever way at the fifth tier so you can do what you want with the Storm Reach, Elemental Fury, and Unrelenting Storm. All these can surely give your damage capabilities a boost. All the way to tier nine, you should look out for talents that will improve your ranged spell casting abilities. After all, that's what Elemental Shamans do.

{Enhancement Shamans}

If you're rolling a character for melee combats, the Enhancement Shaman is the way to go. No matter the tier, your talents should revolve around improving your melee attacks. Some of the most useful talents are as follows: tier one Ancestral Knowledge, tier two Thundering Strike and Improved Lighting Shield, and Enhancing Totems at tier 3. At tier 4, you should have the Flurry never go without this and for damage mitigation, you can go the Toughness way although this requires you to spread some talent points to Anticipation. At this juncture, your focus is on mana efficiency, weapon enhancements, and basically boosting your damage-dealing abilities and melee weapons.

{Restoration Shamans}