What is a Digital Photo Frame

A digital photo frame can show pictures without having to use a computer or printer. The photos can also be displayed by the photo frame on a television set.


Selected digital photo frames only allow JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) pictures to be shown. It is common that the digital photo frames use a slideshow format to display the photos. The slideshow's picture-changing intervals can be adjusted according to the user's discretion. It is also within the capabilities of digital photo frames to share photos with printers. This establishes the digital photo frame as a multi-purpose multimedia device that has solid and reliable computing relationships with other common forms of multimedia.

Despite the JPEG exclusivity of some digital photo frames, there are some that support other forms of multimedia such as movie clips from digital cameras, MPEGs (Movie Pictures Experts Group), and MP3s.

Special digital photo frames have the ability to receive and load pictures from Internet sources such as RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds, e-mail, and photo-sharing sites like Flickr and Picasa. These special models can normally support wireless (802.11) connections, as well.

These developments have resulted in enhanced utility for the product, and this in turn, has increased the multimedia popularity of the digital photo frame. It is now used not only to display photos, but also to convey an experience.

There also exist digital photo frames that are compatible with .txt files.

Digital photo frames usually just need a camera's memory card in order to start displaying photos, but some versions also have internal storage space for the picture files. The digital photo frames with built-in memory usually accept files from USB connections, but these versions are rare due to the poor affordability of built-in memory.

There are also digital photo frames on the market that contain a rechargeable battery in the package.

The common 7 Digital Photo Frame (17.5cm) models show photos at 430 x 234 pixels, while some models stretch every landscape photo to reach an aspect ratio of 16:9 and thereby cause noticeable photo distortion. The 8 Digital Photo Frame is also a very popular frame to buy.