Why Digital Picture Frames

When you first read the title you are probably inclined to think this is against Digital picture frames, well this is quite the opposite, I feel they are a great idea and here's why.

Most of us growing up, as I, had parents who loved to take pictures both with cameras as well as a movie camera. No I didn't grow up in the silent picture era, (even though sometimes I wished I did), but 8mm movie cameras were very popular. But my father put most of his picture he took with his camera on slides and wow did he ever take a lot of them.

Of course he needed a place to store those slides, so they were put in round slide trays, which would uniformly hold the slides. Now there was nothing wrong with that, except the only way you could view them properly was through a slide projector. That meant either viewing them on a white wall or setting up the screen, which of course took time, (then the bulb would burn out on the projector).

Along with the era of the 8 mm movie camera, was the Polaroid camera, which developed the picture shortly after you took it. Not a bad idea, but the pictures would fade out over time, and there was no real good way to store them.

Then came the day of the 35 mm camera. Great invention and still is, but it still uses film and you are limited on how many pictures you could take on the roll of film. Now you could get those pictures either in slides or prints. But if you are like my wife, whose hobby is taking pictures and filling photo albums then you are going to have, (as we do) photo albums all over the house, many of which no one ever looks at. Don't get me wrong this is still a very good way capture and keep many memories.

Now comes the digital era, which I really love -- you can do so much more with a digital camera than you could with a conventional camera. For one they store so many more pictures (literally hundreds on a memory card). Of course you can still get these picture put on prints, but you cam also, (and here it comes) take that memory card and put it into a Digital Picture Frame.