Wow Shaman Guide

Welcome to the insightful World of Warcraft Shaman guide. Shamans are 1 of 3 Hybrid classes to be found in World of Warcraft. What I mean by hybrid is that they are able to effectively do more than one assigned task whereas most classes will be restricted to performing their set duty as if they try anything else they will not have to proficiency to complete the task. Shamans can effectively heal, DPS and buff.

A Shamans primary skill is Totems which are unlike the Paladins Aura's as they have a range of effect which means the Shaman has very little mobility. Up to 4 totems however can be active at any one time and shamans also have to ability to apply enhancements to their melee weapons which add extra damage and can add extra attack bonuses. Shamans also have the ability to perform as a ranged caster using elemental attacks that disrupt spells and immobilize opponents. This makes the Shamans very versatile.


Shamans wear leather up to lvl 40 from which point they begin wearing mail; this is accommodated in leather working as at a certain level leather working allows you to create mail armor. However when it comes to weapons and armor for a Shaman it is better to find or buy your equipment as the armor created from leather working is not as good as what's out there.

When you are a Shaman it is better to pick up two gathering professions such as mining and leather working and simply sell your materials as this will make you more money and provide you with better equipment in the long run.


The three talent trees available for a Shaman are Elemental, Enhancement and Restoration. Elemental is for ranged casting, enhancement is the physical power tree that allows you to attack in close combat and restoration is your healing tree.


If you are looking at being a ranged caster and to fill the role as DPS then you will be putting skills in the Elemental tree. The Elemental tree gives you access to your shock abilities which hinder spell casting and can immobilize opponents.

To view a full elemental Shaman build visit Shaman Talent Builds


This is your primary leveling/hit things until they die build. With the enhancement tree you are able to constantly attack mobs as you will expel low levels of mana but still be able to perform lots of damage and keep your health up with healing.


Shamans thrive in a PvE environment and even more so in Raid dungeons. Shamans are widely sort after for their large group healing abilities and their totems. In large groups shamans become a lot more effective than any Priest so if you want to feel needed spec this tree.