Wow - Shaman Leveling Guide

Shamans have two choices when they are deciding what role they will be playing both when levelling up, and when adventuring in parties and raids. One of these choices also has a second set of choices that will be easy to make once you understand what you want to do with your shaman.

Shamans definitely bring some big benefits to the table. They bring a wide array of totems that have many functions. You can use a totem to slow an enemy down, temporarily gain a monsters attention, do some damage to them, gain statistical bonuses, summon earth or fire elementals, or even remove magical effects and cure poison or diseases. Shamans can have up to 4 totems down at once, one from each element. The totems can be destroyed as they have low hit points, they can also be recalled by the shaman for a slight mana refund. There are totems that will restore health and mana over time and are very popular amongst the party and raiding groups.

Shamans can either heal, or they can DPS. A healing shaman has a difference that other healers lack. They have a spell called chain heal that heals 3 targets. Each jump of the chain heal reduces the healing effectiveness of the spell by 50%.

DPS shamans have a choice between casting spells and melee. The most popular shamans for DPS seem to be the casting shamans, as they can stand back and cast with spells like chain lightning and earth shock. They can interrupt spells, and even have a totem that can absorb the effects of a spell used against the shaman or a nearby party member. The only spells it will not absorb are any area of effect spells.

Melee DPS Shaman is more popular in Player versus Player action. They put out a large amount of burst dps that can take an enemy down in very rapid fashion. With totems and spell interrupts available and weaved in properly, the shaman can take out a target without many problems.

Healing shaman is enjoyable to have in a party, not only because they are superb healers, but because they come with totems that have a wide range of benefits that fill the needs of a party or raid. The totems can enhance the attacks of other members of the party, provide mana and health regeneration in combat for all the members of the party or raid.

Shamans provide benefits to everyone in a party, no matter what role or what specialization they are. Their totems can still be used, and as pointed out above, no matter the shaman's specialization, the totems aren't affected.